Californians advised against non-essential travel and may need to quarantine upon returning home

November 13, 2020

Cha_DZ/Getty Images


The California Department of Public Health issued a statement regarding traveling for non-essential purposes, such as tourism or recreation. 

In the travel advisory statement, Californians are asked to self-quarantine for 14 days upon returning home from being in another state or country. While in quarantine, you should limit your interactions to those within your immediate household. 

Californians are also advised to stay within their region. 

These recommendations don't apply to those crossing state lines or country boarders for essential travel, such as critical infrastructure support, supply chains, etc. 

I know this is REALLY difficult to think about with the holidays coming up, but we cannot let our guard down. I'm choosing to stay home for the holidays, because I know that many other people are not taking this virus seriously...and I don't want to pass the virus to anyone at work, shopping at Target, and living my life, etc. Obviously, I don't want to get it either. Let's work together to beat this virus so we can regain some normalcy sooner rather than later! 

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