California TikTok Mom Shares DIY Way To Make A Baby Without A Man Or Doctor: Video

July 9, 2020

SklarovRoman/Getty Images


Listen, we are living in a very progressive society in which women are making their own choices regardless of what other people think or say. Deciding you want to have kids, but don't have a partner or the finances for IVF or surrogacy, is no exception. 

One mom from California shared a video on TikTok (via Daily Mail) explaining how she inseminated herself at home with a DIY method using basic items you can buy at a drug store. 

In the video, Dani Morin walks women through the process step-by-step, including taking fertility supplements, analyzing their finances to ensure they can take care of the child, tracking ovulation, and ordering sperm from a donor company which she says costs $800 plus $200 for shipping. 

I'm unable to embed the TikTok video, and it's not on YouTube yet, so you'll have to CLICK HERE to watch the video

I personally don't know what to say. I mean, if you decide that this is the best route to go for you and you know that you're doing it safely, then go for it. I can't say I'd do this myself, but I realize that maybe this is the only option for some people who want to have a baby.