Californians Are Getting Into 'DIY Firefighting' To Battle The Blaze Themselves

September 3, 2020

Joe_Potato/Getty Images


Californians are turning to DIY firefighting to battle the blaze on their own terms. 

According to the Daily Mail, people in California are buying their own fire trucks off of Craigslist in an effort to put out wildfires near their homes. These trucks go for anywhere between $5,000 to $69,000 a pop. 

One company that's banking on this surge in fire truck interest is a Sacramento company called Vans From Japan, which buys trucks from Japan and then sells them here in California. 

Do you think it's a good idea to get your own fire truck if you live in high fire risk areas? I guess I wouldn't be opposed to getting one if I felt like I really needed it, but I'd need some serious training to figure out how to use 

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