All Californians will hate you if you say these two words

October 1, 2020

Since moving to California this year, I've learned the hard way that Californians do NOT appreciate use of the following terms: 

  • Cali
  • San Fran

Listen...I'm not from here originally. Literally everyone else in the country refers to California as "Cali" when they want to escape the frigid cold temps of the Midwest. "San Fran" is a cute name for a cool city. The rest of the country (actually, just the Midwest) LOVES cute names. 

When I moved here and mentioned uttered those words for the first time, I was met with comments like, "San Fran is literally nails on a chalkboard" or "Girl, no one here calls it Cali. NEVER say that again." 

So apparently if you want Californians to hate you, just say Cali or San Fran. 

Fun fact: if you google "San Fran Cali," Google knows exactly what you're looking for. LOL........go give them the RBF now, k?

Real quick, I need to correct your pronunciation of "Colorado" since that's where I was born. It's RAD, not ROD. ColoRADo. Don't @ me. 

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I’m not usually a hat person. Should I start being one? -- #radiodotcom #womeninradio #representing #womenonair #sacramentoca #cityoftrees

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