Sacramento Black-Owned Businesses To Support: Cha Cha's Dog Daycare

June 4, 2020

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I have an on air bit called "Mollie's Must-Haves" which airs at 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. weekdays on The End. Usually I suggest some sort of retail item like workout equipment, home decor, and the like to go waste your money one. That doesn't feel "right" to do right now, so I'm using this platform to inform you of Sacramento and NorCal black-owned businesses that need your support now and forever. 

We're so grateful that we could stay open during this pandemic and serve our clients. Especially those that are essential employees and healthcare workers. We thank you so much for being on the front lines! -- #thankyouessentialworkers #thankyouhealthcareworkers

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Cha Cha's Dog Daycare has been a Sacramento staple for over 20 years, providing structure for the dogs who need it and overnight lodging for doggos whose parents are out of town. They offer grooming services, as well! 

Owner, founder, and director Desalene Jones told me in an email she's convinced that opening Cha Cha's Dog Daycare "was one of the best decisions in [her> lifetime," as getting to interact with true dog lovers (among both clients and her incredible staff) guarantees good experiences every single day. 

Here's how to support Cha Cha's: 

Check out services and book lodging & appointments through their website:

Location: 910 57th Street, Sacramento, CA 95819

Follow them on Instagram: @facesofchachas

Like on Facebook: Cha Cha's Doggie Daycare

June 2020 Dog of the Month is... BRUISER! -- Our happy 3 year old chihuahua is a spunky little dude! He loves scratches and belly rubs more than anything! In typical chihuahua fashion, he thinks he’s bigger than he is, and he likes to kick it with the larger dogs in the room. More Bruiser? ...Yes Please! --

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Stella’s getting her wrinkles wiped out! This is super important with “smush face” pups. Staying on top of cleaning out their nose and face folds prevents the buildup of bacteria. -- And great news : if you’ve got a wrinkly or brachycephalic dog scheduled for a bath with us, the face fold cleaning is included! --

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Roll Call! We sit patiently on our spot until our name is called. All day play and mental stimulation. Yes, your dog can do this too!

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What a treat to stay home with your pooch. -- But then there is that doggie smell. Pop into Cha Cha's for a quick fluff and fold. We would love to see you!

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Does someone need a warm doggie bath to cure the winter blues? We've got you covered, Fren!

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