I Have 22,390 Unread Emails - Chris Pratt Had WAY More

May 21, 2020

Sipa USA


Actor Chris Pratt revealed he had an alarming number of unread emails on his phone, until he accidentally deleted them. 

In his Instagram story (via PEOPLE), Pratt revealed that his son Jack was playing with his phone and gasped "in shock" at his 35,000+ unread email notifications. He claims most of it is junk mail, which I think is pretty understandable. 

He went on to say he'd commit to addressing 1,000 emails per day until he had zero unread emails. However, he pressed the wrong button or did the wrong thing and deleted EVERYTHING. 

Did he do that on purpose? I don't know, but I'd hope not. I have a lot of important emails (which have been read) that I save whether it's information I need to revisit or I get sentimental. 

Currently, I have 22,390 unread emails, most of which are also junk. Whenever I show people my number of unread emails, they're disgusted. I have multiple old Gmail accounts linked to my phone that I rarely check. A majority of emails are from sites I subscribed to in college, and I just don't take the time to unsubscribe. As for the important emails, I always see them come through when I know to look for them. It's organized chaos, and it's how I've operated for years!