This Company Pays Its Employees To Adopt Rescue Dogs And Cats

August 11, 2020

Getty Images


One employer is giving its employees incentives to adopt dogs and cats searching for their forever homes. 

According to PEOPLE, auto insurance finder The Zebra is offering to pay its employees to adopt dogs and cats. 

In a press release sent to PEOPLE, The Zebra will cover "expenses up to $300 annually for employees welcoming a new dog or cat." These expenses include adoption fees and initial expenses that come with bringing a new pet into the household. Employees are also offered paid "pawternity" leave to spend time bonding with their new pet at home. 

I think this is a fantastic idea and I love that a business is taking creative action to help reduce the number of pets in shelters. Would you take advantage of this benefit if your company provided it? I absolutely would! 

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