Couple Lost Everything In Hurricane Hanna - Except Their Ten Dogs That They Saved

July 29, 2020

Elizaveta Zavialova/Getty Images


A couple in Mexico is going viral for saving their dogs from flooding during Hurricane Hanna, despite losing everything else. 

The Daily Mail shared this video of Santos Vaquera Herrera and Beatriz Escandón carrying a large bucket of their 10 dogs down a street in the city of Reynosa, a city on the border which was hit by Hurricane Hanna. Their daughter, Betty, recorded the video and posted it on Facebook with the caption, "My parents lost everything...but they were able to get their babies out." 

People have been wanting to buy the dogs from the couple after falling in love with the video, but Beatriz wants to make it very clear that her dogs are not going anywhere. 

"We are not putting the puppies for sale or profiting from them. For us they are part of the family," she said. 

Watch the heartwarming video below, and read more from the Daily Mail here