This One Thing Is Keeping Joe Exotic And Dillon Passage's Marriage Together

June 8, 2020

Steve Sisney/The Oklahoman-USA TODAY NETWORK via Imagn Content Services, LLC


Joe Exotic's husband Dillon Passage says "hoping for the best" is holding their marriage together. 

Passage, 22, told PEOPLE that married life with a husband behind bars in federal prison has become his "new normal" and that he's "kind of gotten used to" their situation. Remaining positive about justice for Joe Exotic has been beneficial. 

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"The only thing that's keeping us going is really just hoping for the best and these lawyers seem like they have a really good plan to kind of get things executed," said Passage, who explained that he isn't able to speak to his husband very often because Joe "doesn't have a lot of phone privileges." 

While the couple is putting their faith in Joe's lawyers, Dillon has been coping by sending love letters to Joe and hanging out with fellow Netflix celebrities from the show Too Hot To Handle in Los Angeles. Passage spent some time in LA after his manager introduced him to Harry Jowsey and Bryce Hirschberg from the show. 

My first trip to LA was epic ---- glad to have spent it with you for your 23rd! Next time you’re coming to Florida --@harryjowsey

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My personal opinion? Dillon Passage is loving this newfound "fame" as much as Joe Exotic is. I just find it odd that he has a manager. What for? Hmm. (That was a rhetorical question.) I really hope that Dillon finds happiness and peace, and I personally do not think it will be found "hoping for the best" with Joe Exotic. And if this relationship really IS the real deal, then good for them. That's probably the first time "hoping for the best" has really worked for a relationship. Lol.