Spray Cheese And Bald Heads Are The Newest Quarantine Nail Trim Hack

May 27, 2020
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Nail trims can sometimes be a traumatic experience for animals. And, especially in quarantine, it's a difficult chore having to deal with a squirming, crying dog. 

The Daily Mail shared this video of one couple using spray cheese to distract their dog while they trimmed its nails. The woman sprayed the cheese on the man's bald head...and the dog was all about it. (So was the dude.) 

Because my dog is so tiny, he'd probably gain two pounds by eating all of this spray cheese. Luckily, he's pretty well-behaved when I trim a little bit off his nails one at a time. Would your dog go for this? Would the bald man in your life go for this? That's the question...