This Drive-In Haunted House May Be What Halloween In Quarantine Looks Like

August 17, 2020

umbertoleporini/Getty Images


A haunted house in Tokyo is shaping the way we may experience haunted houses this year in quarantine, and what they've come up with is incredibly creepy. 

Japanese haunted house production company Kowagarasetai set up a drive-in haunted house in downtown Tokyo to give it a whirl social distancing style. Founder Kenta Iwana told CNN Travel (via PEOPLE) that he had sort of an "aha" moment when he read that drive-in movie theaters were making a comeback, and that's when his idea for a drive-in haunted house was born. 

The haunted production takes place in a garage during a zombie outbreak. Visitors pull their own car into the garage for $75, or they can rent a vehicle for $85 if they don't want to use their own. Once inside the garage, visitors turn off their engine and the door closes, at which point there is complete darkness. Through a set of provided Bluetooth speakers, the story begins, "Around these parts, there's a legend that the ghosts attack humans. Honk your horn three times if you want to hear more." 

The entire show lasts 17 minutes, which involves zombies rocking the car and pressing up against the windows with their blood-soaked hands and bodies. 

This sounds SO creepy but absolutely amazing. I love that there's no option for the actors to touch me like they might in a regular haunted house setting, and if I got too overwhelmed by everything, I could just close my eyes and hold onto whoever was sitting next to me. 

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