Expert Says A Man Will NOT Commit To You If He Does These Seven Things

July 9, 2020

millann/Getty Images


Alright, I'm the first to admit that I watch relationship advice videos and read articles on these topics because I just want some validation. I also don't want to screw anything up or look like a clown when I pour my energy into a guy that won't ever commit to me. 

I feel inclined to share this just in case you're in the same boat as me. 

I'm always on the hunt for new videos like this to watch, and I found the video below through the Daily Mail, where London-based relationship expert Anna Bey shares the seven research-based signs a man won't commit to you: 

  • He cancels plans with you at the last minute. 
  • His actions are inconsistent. 
  • He's talking to other girls online. 
  • He needs space. 
  • He's addicted to his phone. 
  • He's not treating you to special things (i.e. not spending money on you). 
  • He totally disappears on you. 

Watch her video to get a breakdown of each of these bullet points. It's worth the watch!