I got rid of my afternoon headaches completely with this unknown self-care tip

November 5, 2020

I'd love to share this self-care tip with you because it completely got rid of my afternoon headaches. 

When I moved to Sacramento, I began having daily headaches that hit in the afternoon. This was especially awful because that's when I'm on the air and need to feel my best! Headaches are terrible to begin with, but when you actually have things you need to get done, they can truly ruin your existence for the entirety of the headache. 

Before I was introduced to this headache remedy, I would take a combination of acetaminophen and ibuprofen DAILY. I hated doing this because I just don't like putting pills in my body if I can help it. 

I was starting to think that perhaps my vision was changing and that I needed an adjustment/update after having lasik two years ago. So, I had an evaluation at Newman Lasik Center and discovered that, while my vision was still 20/20, there was something else causing my headaches. The best part? There was a very simple fix. 

Watch the video above to learn about what was recommended to me by the staff at Newman Lasik Center. It's seriously LIFE-CHANGING because my headaches are completely gone since I started doing what they recommended. I use this stuff at least a couple times a week, but at first this was a daily practice for me. 

Obviously, you should get your vision checked anyway because there may be other issues going on, or your vision actually has gotten worse. If that's the case, a consultation at Newman Lasik Center can help shed light on what your next step is...and perhaps it's lasik! (Check out their website here...and when you call, they'll set you up with a free evaluation to check things out. Just tell them that I told you about them!) 

What are your headache remedies? I'm always looking for tips because, obviously, there are a lot of things that can cause headaches besides what I describe in my video above.