These are the best places to view Northern California's beautiful fall colors (and when to go)

October 2, 2020

s_gibson/Getty Images


Now that the seasons have changed, we'll begin seeing the beautiful fall colors here in Northern California over the coming weeks. Not every week or location is the same, so it's crucial to know where and when you should visit spots to get the best view of fall colors. 

Only In Your State shared this interactive map from Smoky Mountains which tells us exactly when and where to view the leaves. 

The week of October 5 is when Northern California will really begin to see more change in the fall colors. The map for that week shows minimal to patchy change in color, which is a start. The following week, those colors on the map turn to patchy and partial in our area, and hit near peak in the Tahoe area. 

During the week of October 12, the Tahoe area will have reached peak and will move past peak the following week. Luckily, Sacramento trails behind by about a week so we don't have to wait too much longer to view our colors in peak. Obviously it's less of a drive to hit up a park or walk along the river to enjoy the view. 

To experience fall colors in the Bay, the prime week to do that is the week of November 2. By the following week, the Bay will have moved past its peak fall color phase. 

Check out the interactive map here to plan your chase for fall foliage in Northern California! 

Another one of my favorite fall activities is to go ghost hunting. This is something that I do year-round (honestly, it's on a daily basis). Check out my latest ghost hunting video below, where I saw several ghosts in the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery!