Five ways to de-stress on Election Day

October 15, 2020
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Election Day will undoubtedly be stressful for everyone, no matter what you believe or who/what you're voting for this year. 

I've come up with five ways to de-stress on Election Day while California (and the nation) waits for results on November 3. 

1. Go ahead and splurge on that pricey Starbucks drink. 

If you ever feel guilty about spending way too much money on coffee that you can likely make at home for much less, this is the one day that it's totally okay to splurge. Just go for it. Don't feel bad at all. Treat yourself and don't give it another thought. 

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2. Go for a walk without any distractions. 

This is actually one of the ways that I meditate, and it's very calming. I have my phone and Apple Watch with me to track my steps and time myself, but I have everything on silent so I don't get distracted by notifications. I also don't listen to any music. This allows thoughts to flow and for me to feel whatever emotion I need to feel. Walking it out is a repetitive motion that puts me into a meditative state, relaxing my mind and easing my stress. You should try it sometime, and not just on Election Day!

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3. Bake cookies or something fun while you watch Election coverage. 

Keeping your hands busy and having something positive to look forward to (warm cookies!) will for sure put you in a good mood as you watch Election coverage (or whatever it is you're watching on TV...maybe nothing at all). 

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4. Put up your Christmas or holiday decorations. 

This is what I'm planning to do while I watch Election coverage on November 3! Typically I put up my decorations on November 1, but I'll be waiting until Election Day to do this. It'll keep my hands busy and it's something that I know will make me happy regardless of what's happening on TV. 

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5. Burn a candle. 

This is one of the easiest self-care methods out there. Treat yourself with a new candle in a scent that you know will make you happy, and just let it burn all night long while you're at home. It doesn't seem like much, but sometimes a burning candle is exactly what you need. 

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