Golden Gate Bridge Now Sings Melodic Tunes Heard Throughout San Francisco (AUDIO)

June 8, 2020

PatrickCivello/Getty Images


San Franciscans reported hearing an eery sound coming from the Golden Gate Bridge this weekend. 

Unfortunately, the sound was not caused by aliens. I really wish I could tell you it was something cool or interesting like that. Instead, the city's explanation (via Daily Mail) is that the bridge just had a new sidewalk railing installed on the bridge which has verticle slats, and the high winds passing through them cause melodic tones to be heard throughout the city. 

In the clip below, you'll hear the sound. It's pretty incredible how loud you can hear it, and how beautiful it actually sounds. Do you think this sound would get annoying over time, or do you think San Franciscans will quickly adopt this quirk as part of the city's identity?