Wait, Is That Jimmy Neutron All-Grown-Up In The Grubhub Commercial?

June 30, 2020
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Last night I was watching The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons - Ever!, and between watching Chad stuff his face with deli meat and watching Robbie run down a hotel hallway in his undies during the replay of JoJo Fletcher's season, I saw the latest Grubhub commercial come on and was immediately SHOOK. 

There's a guy laying on the couch with his dog, lazy AF and stuffing his face with food (while ordering more food), looks just like Jimmy Neutron from the popular Nickelodeon show that I grew up watching. 

The resemblance is uncanny!!! Except now instead of going to the Candy Bar with his friends, he's having it delivered to his studio apartment with the help of his REAL, non-robot dog. 

Here's what Jimmy Neutron looks like, in case you need a reminder. 

LOL and here's the Grubhub commercial. 


I know the animation is different, but they look SO SIMILAR. If this WAS Jimmy Neutron in the Grubhub commercial, clearly one of his science experiments involved THC edibles at some point because the dude loves snacks. It's extremely likely this is just a coincidence, and there is no affiliation between Grubhub and Jimmy Neutron/Nickelodeon. But when I first saw this commercial, I was blown away and really thought this was something involving Jimmy Neutron because of the guy with his dog looks like him.