Gucci Unveils Grass-Stained Jeans As Part Of New Collection

September 21, 2020

Terri Rosa Fox/Getty Images


Gucci is selling grass stained jeans as part of their new "grunge" collection, and seriously WTF?

According to the Daily Mail, the designer is trying to channel a "grunge vibe" for its Fall Winter 2020 collection with jeans that have fake grass stains. They're trying to sell pairs for roughly $700 USD. 


These look like my dad's lawn mowing pants. I think they're supposed to be women's pants...but I guess anyone could wear them if they want. $700 for jeans is crazy enough to me, but adding fake grass stains into the mix is a huge NO. 

Would you get these jeans? What do you think of them? If you're not wearing these pants, are you even grunge? 

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