Five things adults would love to get on Halloween in 2020

October 6, 2020
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I think adults definitely appreciate little gifts on Halloween while their kids are trick-or-treating for candy. 

In 2020, it really doesn't take a lot to make adults happy. So these are five things I think adults would love to get trick-or-treating this year (if going door-to-door will even be a thing), some of which they normally wouldn't appreciate in years past. (You will NOT find toothpaste on this list. You're welcome.) 

1. Roll of toilet paper

If you're handing out giant candy bars, then you can fork out rolls of toilet paper for the adults. It's sort of a joke, but like...remember when you couldn't even find this in stores?! You'll be a hero for being so thoughtful. 

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2. Mini bottles of hand sanitizer

Not just a hand sanitizing station. Actually give people hand sanitizer. You'll be the best neighbor ever. 

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3. WAP puns 

Witches And Potions 

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4. To be told that their Tiger King costumes are the most unique ones you've seen all night 

Every person dressing as Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin this year are convinced that no one else is doing it. They'll be so thrilled to hear that their completely not-so-unique idea is a hit. 

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5. Booze 

Mami and daddy def need a drink. 

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