Map shows where in California is safe (and not safe) to trick-or-treat this Halloween due to COVID-19

September 21, 2020

Rawpixel/Getty Images


A color-coded map shows where in California (and other parts of the country) are safe and not safe to go trick-or-treating in amid COVID-19 on Halloween, along with recommendations for staying safe in these areas. 

Fox 40 shared this map, created by the Harvard Global Health Institute, which shows California looking relatively safe overall to trick-or-treat in. 

The Sacramento area is primarily yellow or orange (see the full map here). The Halloween and Costume Association says that in Yellow Zones, trick-or-treating is still possible but you'll want to make sure that anyplace you're visiting is following safety measures, and that everyone is wearing a mask indoors. The Orange Zones post more risk. "Trick-or-treat in reverse" is recommended, where kids dress up in their costumes and hang out in their front yards while their neighbors drive or walk by to deliver candy to them. In the Orange Zones, outdoor-only parties are recommended along with social distancing. 

There's only one Red Zone in California (at the time this article was written), and it's in southern California. For Red Zones, recommended celebrations include Zoom parties, Netlfix parties, and setting up contactless candy stations outside for kids to pick up candy. 

What are you doing for Halloween? I hate that it's on a Saturday this year because that's SO ideal for having a party. I'll probably, once again, stay home and not participate. Netflix and Zoom parties do sound fun though...I haven't done those since the beginning/middle of quarantine. 

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