How To Hide Your Tampon Walking To The Bathroom So Your Coworkers Don't Know Aunt Flow Is Here: VIDEO

June 26, 2020
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I've always gone to great lengths to conceal my tampon on the way to the bathroom at work (or school). As to why, I think it's just a societal thing and something that many women also do because we feel ashamed or something (even though that's totally stupid to think). 

I realize that a lot of women don't care if their tampons are visible in hand, or that they are bringing their purse to the bathroom like it's no big deal (but all of us know why lol). That said, I still try to conceal the tampon I'm bringing with me to the restroom when it's that time because I just don't want people to stare, and I know I'm not the only one that does this. 

Anyway, I (jokingly) show you a few ways to hide your tampon from your coworkers in the office. Do they work? That's debatable. And why is Intern Kevin in the ladies room? No clue. Watch the video below! (Also, be sure to follow us on TikTok @end1065!) 

God forbid anyone at work knows it’s that time of the month! Here are a few ways to hide your tampon. (Almost.) #sacramentocalifornia #auntflow #synchronized #periodproblems #menstruation #radiolife

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