Hiker stalked by wild cougar for six minutes and the footage is terrifying

October 12, 2020

SandmanXX/Getty Images


A hiker filmed himself being stalked by a wild cougar for a whole six minutes, and the footage is absolutely terrifying. 

Kyle Burgess was hiking along a trail near Provo, Utah, when he encountered a mother cougar protecting her nearby cubs (via TMZ). As soon as he saw the cougar, survival mode kicked in for Burgess as he did whatever he could to scare her off. 

Cougars (also called mountain lions) are native to California, too. So this could happen to literally any of us hiking along a trail. 

Read more from TMZ here, and watch the full video below. WARNING: There is explicit language throughout the video, so you may want to watch with the volume down if you're near kids or at work. 

sorry, not sorry for the language. I thought I was done for! Slate Canyon 10-10-20 around 17:00

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