I Was Told The Hummingbird Is My Spirit Animal - Here's What It Means

May 5, 2020
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I'm a huge fan of metaphyical stuff: astrology, tarot, numerology, you name it. Years ago, a friend of mine named Marla (who is also my spiritual coach) introduced me to the idea of spirit animals, and I personally believe the symbolism is spot-on. 

What Marla has told me she believes is that spirit animals come and go throughout your life to teach you a lesson or give you support. We also have a spirit animal with us our entire lives assigned to us at birth, which can be tricky to figure out. It's not a situation where you decide any particular animal is your spirit animal; a spiritual guide (or "psychic") may help determine what it is for you, or maybe deep in your heart you just know what it is. (Lucky you!) 

Marla does readings full-time, and so every six months or so I get a reading from her to go over stuff happening in my life, see if I'm on the right path, find out if there are any love interestes on the horizon, etc. She can also determine what your current spirit animal is, and this time around, she said mine is a hummingbird. 

According to the website Trusted Psychic Mediums (TPM), the hummingbird as a spirit animal represents love and happiness, the miracle of life, and all the amazing things that make up life. The hummingbird can endure long journeys, swiftly gliding from one situation to the next while thinking quickly. TPM suggests anyone with a hummingbird spirit animal should "open your life to the good energies so that you can receive more love and joy," and says they are "resilient, free, and fierce." 

Of course this is a vague, brief description of what a hummingbird spirit animal means. But it does resonate with me in that, within the last few months, my life has changed DRASTICALLY and I've had to think and act very quickly to move to Sacramento. Also, I moved here all the way from Minneapolis which is 1,500 miles away! It took me three days to drive here. And, moving in the middle of a pandemic is no joke. I moved here towards the beginning, back when most people were reacting out of fear and plans were being cancelled left and right. This is a lot of negativity for people to deal with; I don't thrive on negativity and I had WAY too much on my plate to even worry about it. So, knowing that having a positive attitude was the only thing that would really get me through the move, I had to just tune out the negative and let things happen however they were going to happen.

And here I am! Big hummingbird energy right here. 

Have you ever had a spirit animal reading before? What do want your spirit animal to be? I've always wanted a raccoon as my spirit animal, but it hasn't popped up. I've had a beaver and an owl before, though. 

If you want to get in touch with my friend Marla, check out her website here