Chromatica: My Thoughts On Lady Gaga's New Album

May 29, 2020
Lady Gaga Chromatica.png




Lady Gaga just released her sixth studio album Chromatica, which includes her single "Stupid Love" and collab with Ariana Grande, "Rain On Me," and I have some thoughts. 

First of all, I want to start off by saying that I felt like Gaga lost her way with Artpop, and my expectations have been lowered since then; probably even more so since she released Joanne, which, in her defense, was a great album but extremely different than other albums she put out previously. It just had a more stripped down sound with acoustic elements, and a more natural, "normal" looking aesthetic with the cover art. Since Joanne, we've seen Gaga blossom into a very talented actress in American Horror Story and A Star Is Born. She's branched out into cosmetics, as well, with the launch of Haus Labs. She's been able to maintain her spot as a household name since The Fame and Fame Monster, and that's a huge deal for an artist that made such an explosive entrance to the public eye with her crazy outfits (i.e. hair bow and meat dress). Sometimes you never know how far a new artist's career is going to go, because so many new artists have one or two big hits and then disappear. This was not the case with Gaga. 

At this point, as a dear fan of Gaga, I've let go of the hope that she'll release songs that sound exactly like those on The Fame. That album has probably my favorite Gaga sound, but I also understand that she's grown as an artist and human, and she is very much doing her own thing. 

That said, she is DEFINITELY doing her own thing with Chromatica. Before its release, she expressed that this would be a dance record, and that's exactly what it is. With this in mind, I have a different appreciation for Chromatica and I see it for what it is: a dance album

I'm not personally a fan of super-produced dance music that you'd hear in a club. I'm not a club person. It's just not my scene. Patrick Ryan of USA TODAY says this is her best album in a decade; honestly, I personally disagree. I think it's a great album, but based on personal preference, it's not my favorite. But I'm a radio person, so I'm looking for something like The Fame or Fame Monster, and at this point I think Artpop was actually probably underrated. I'm guessing Patrick Ryan of USA TODAY is VERY into dance music, and that's totally fine. 

I'm super into Lady Gaga's ballads like "Speechless," "Dope," "Brown Eyes," and her country-rock bop "You And I," and this is something that Chromatica is lacking. The songs are good, but there aren't any that really grab me and send me to a dark place that makes me cry. She certainly does a lot of story telling in Chromatica, but nothing that gives us a lot of information like, "Okay this song is obviously about Christian Carino or maybe Bradley Cooper." Oh well. 

Overall, I think Chromatica is good for what it is: a dance album, and there are plenty of bops that I can easily see being played in clubs around Sacramento. Her two "radio friendly" songs on the record, "Stupid Love" and "Rain On Me," have actually become some of my favorite songs. When I first heard both of them, I thought, "OMG Gaga is BACK!" I know she still has that pop sound in her, and that makes me very happy. 

Below are my five favorite songs from Chromatica:

1. Stupid Love

2. Rain On Me

3. Sour Candy feat. BLACKPINK

4. Plastic Doll

5. Enigma