Dog Owners Will Be Required By Law To Walk Their Dogs TWO HOURS Per Day In Germany

August 19, 2020
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One politician is taking swift action to make sure dogs' needs are met with a two-hour daily walking requirement. 

According to the Daily Mail, dog owners in Germany will be ordered by law to walk their dogs for one hour at a time twice daily in new legislation known as the Dogs Act. 

Agriculture Minister Julia Klockner is introducing this legislation to make sure that dogs have "substantial" walks instead of just short trips around their immediate surroundings. This is based on evidence that German dogs aren't getting an adequate amount of exercise. 

"Dogs are not cuddly toys," said Klockner. "They also have their own needs, which need to be taken into account." 

The legislation faces opposition by owners of small dogs and those who do not want to bring their dogs outside for long periods during a heat wave like what Germany has recently experienced. 

Here's my personal take: I'm the owner of a small 3.5 pound chihuahua who I know for sure cannot walk for two hours a day without dragging his feet after 30 minutes. That said, my dog LOVES being outside and laying in the sun, so I do try to give him plenty of opportunities to spend time in our backyard when it's not triple digits here in Sacramento. I think this should be treated on a case-by-case basis...some dogs cannot physically walk for two hours (i.e. senior dogs or those with disabilities), and some dogs just don't have as much energy as large dogs or puppies. Overall, I absolutely believe dogs should be given adequate attention and exercise, for sure! 

What do you think? 

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