This Magazine's "Ways To Get A Husband" Would Never Fly In 2020

August 20, 2020

Melissa Kopka/Getty Images


An old magazine article is making the rounds again for its super outdated "ways to find a husband," and a majority of them would NEVER fly in 2020. 

The coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone in the dating world to approach things completely differently. I know for myself personally, I had been planning to meet someone organically and avoid dating apps altogether in 2020. But, when bars and restaurants closed down AGAIN here in California, I knew that virtual dating was going to be my only option for a while. 

Aside from the pandemic, we're in such a progressive time that a majority of these "ways to get a husband" from a 1958 article published in McCall's just wouldn't go over well or work at all in 2020. (And if you're wondering why there's a woman hugging a giant cactus on this page, it's because a majorit yof these ideas are just NOT GOOD IDEAS.) 

Out of the list of "129 ways to get a husband," reshared by Mirror, these are some of the gems (along with my commentary):

  • Look in the census reports for places with the most single men. (Actually, not a terrible idea....)
  • Get a job in a medical, dental, or law school. 
  • Be friendly to ugly men - handsome is as handsome does. 
  • Get lost at football games. 
  • Don't take a job in a company largely run by women. (I highly do NOT recommend this, ladies....)
  • Go to all school reunions, there may be widowers there. 
  • Don't room with a girl who is a sad sack and let her pull you down to her level. 
  • When travelling stay at small hotels where it's easier to meet strangers. 
  • Make a lot of money. (Yes, do this but do it for yourself!)
  • Stumble when you walk into a room he's in. (I've accidentally done did not work.) 
  • Wear a band-aid - people always ask what happened. 
  • Dropping the handkerchief still works. (Spoiler alert: no, it doesn't lol)
  • Buy a convertible - men like to ride in them. 
  • Learn how to bake tasty apple pies - bring one into the office and let the eligible bachelors taste it. (Pro tip: buy one from Boa Vista Orchards and pretend you made it. Lol)
  • "Accidentally" have your purse fly open, scattering its contents across the street. 
  • Wear high heels most of the time - they're sexier. Unless he happens to be shorter than you are. (And unless you have scoliosis and other back problems.) 
  • Go on a diet if you need to. (No, don't.) 
  • Don't tell him about your allergies. (OMG I'm allergic to peanuts and this is the worst advice ever!!! I can't kiss a guy who's just eaten peanut butter!!!!! Lol) 
  • Buy a full-length mirror and take a good, long look before you go and meet him. (Lol)
  • Get that fresh scrubbed look by scrubbing. (Now I have "No Scrubs" stuck in my head...)
  • Double date with a happily married couple, let him see what it's like. (lol yea if you wanna scare him away, do this.) 
  • Send his mother a birthday card. (Yikes)
  • Resist the urge to make him over - before marriage that is. (hahaha....this would be a great TikTok video though.) 
  • If he's rich, tell him you like his money - the honesty will intrigue him. (Hello sugar daddies)
  • Stop being a mama's girl - don't let him think he'll have in-law trouble, even if he will. (Muhahahaha)
  • Point out that the death rate of single men s twice that of married men. 

Get the full list here