Male Karen Filmed At Costco POPPING OFF On Elderly Woman Who Asked Him To Wear A Mask

July 7, 2020

Mark Hoffman, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via Imagn Content Services, LLC


We have another "Costco Karen," and this time it's an angry male who got verbally aggressive towards an elderly woman. 

The Daily Mail shared the video below of the man getting visibly and verbally enraged at a woman (who is not shown in the video) who had asked him to wear a mask at Costco in Florida. He approaches the woman with clenched fists, raising his voice to say, "back the f*** up" and "put your f***ing phone down." The shirt he's wearing reads, "Running the world since 1776," which is a reference to the Revolutionary War. 

He was escorted out of the store following the tirade. 

Currently, Florida does not have a statewide order to wear masks. However, Costco has been requiring all customers to wear masks since May. 

Watch the censored video below, and you can read more from them here