Mama June Shannon Reveals She Has A New "Real Life" Job

June 5, 2020

NeoPhoto/Getty Images


Mama June Shannon of the WE reality television show Mama June: From Not to Hot: Family Crisis revealed that she has a new "real life" job. 

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at June 5's episode, Shannon admits to producers that she gets paid to deliver airport luggage and so does her boyfriend, "Geno." 

"Yeah, we've been doing work today," she tells producers in the clip below. "We worked for a little bit today. It's called real life." 


I still don't really get what she does exactly, but I think I have an idea? 

Have you been following Mama June's whereabouts? I quit caring when she was arrested over a year ago with Geno at a gas station for felony possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia (via TMZ).