Maren Morris says she shaves her face and shares the skincare routine that she swears by

October 21, 2020



Maren Morris went to Twitter recently to spill her skincare secrets, which includes shaving her face. 

"Like, literally no one asked, but it's Twitter, so f*** it," she wrote. "After years of stage makeup, the only thing that's worked for my skin is doing microneedling every 2 months. It's been 2 years since I've had a major breakout, even through pregnancy." 

Fans went in on the thread with their support and Morris offered up more helpful skincare tips. 

"Ok, going a step further, I also shave my face," she continued. "I learned it because Amy Grant said it once at a talk 5 years ago and she doesn't age. I've been shaving ever since. Men age gracefully because they shave everyday. Marilyn Monroe also shaved." 

Morris shared a screenshot of the razors she uses to shave her face, which are used for a practice called "dermaplaning." I've had this done before, and aside from getting the hair off your face it also sloughs off dead skin sitting on the surface. In fact, I actually bought these exact razors! Haha. Check them out on Amazon here

Mollie Kendrick

Have you ever tried microneedling before? I've had it done several times, but I feel like once every two months is not only excessive...but PRICEY AS HELL. Essentially tiny needles puncture the surface of your skin to generate collagen production, making way for smooth, resurfaced skin. It's great if you have acne scars or uneven pigmentation. There are "at home tools" that you can buy, but those are a load of BS. Don't waste your money on them. Trust me. True microneedling should be performed by a licensed professional at a medspa.  

For those of us that can't afford microneedling or all the expensive skincare, Morris did mention her basic skincare routine when she's NOT microneedling or shaving her face. 

"I will say all I do now is wash my face in the shower and put on moisturizer and SPF. I use way less products (sic) now." 

Check out the tweet below for the FULL skincare conversation.