Who Does Mollie Kendrick Look Like?

July 13, 2020
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Mollie Kendrick


I'll be wearing my hear up in a messy bun a LOT more now, because today alone I was told TWICE that I look like Lady Gaga. This is a HUGE deal to me because 1) I've never been told that I look like anyone, and 2) Lady Gaga is literally my IDOL! 

I was also told today that I look like the late actress Brittany Murphy. I'll take that, too! 

Who do you think I look like, if anyone? 

Below are two of the photos that sparked this conversation. 

Yes that’s an opened pack of adult diapers in the background. No, they’re not mine. Yes, everyone thinks they’re mine. Happy Monday. -- #messybuns #pineapplehair #insertnamehere #inhhair #sacramento #norcal

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Mollie Kendrick