Mollie Kendrick's Weekend In Five Photos: June 27-28

June 29, 2020
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Mollie Kendrick


This weekend was a treat-myself weekend! 

I finally got to get my roots retouched, and I have to say that it felt SO great being back at a hair salon again. My hairstylist, Melissa, specializes in bleach-outs and fun, vibrant colors, so we had fun adding in some rainbow colors to a couple of clip-in hair extensions! If you are wanting to add some FUN color to your hair, you should definitely book her (find her on Instagram, @melissaheartshair). Her salon is in midtown Sacramento. :) 

Mollie Kendrick

My dog has been obsessed with spending time outside, and it was too nice of a weekend not to pass up the opportunity to get that fresh air. I have a special beach towel that I lay down for him on the patio in a patch of sun, but he chose to ignore it and lay in the dirt instead. 

Mollie Kendrick

On Sunday, I got my nails done for the first time since right before quarantine started! I decided on a fun teal-ish blue color for my almond shape acrylic set. It felt nice to be pampered! (I went to Howe Bout Nails over by Arden Fair). 

Mollie Kendrick

After getting my nails done, I decided to hit up HomeGoods for the first time in three+ months. HomeGoods is one of my favorite stores because they have great deals on home decor, and I always love making my home look pretty! I could tell that merchandise was picked over and wasn't totally fresh at this point. Hopefully they'll have some good Halloween and Christmas decor in a few months. 

Because I felt weird leaving the store without buying anything (I was pushing a cart around and didn't want to waste, I ended up buying a blue throw to lay on my white sofa. I just realized I should wash that a couple times before the blue dye rubs off on my sofa! That would kinda defeat its purpose, wouldn't it? I think it looks nice, though!

Mollie Kendrick

With bar closures looming in Sacramento over the weekend, I decided it was best to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, before it happens to get closed. Since they're a restaurant and not only a bar, I'm not sure if they will be on the list of places that have to temporarily close dine-in, but I haven't eaten there in YEARS and wanted to enjoy sitting at a restaurant. (Bars in Sacramento County were officially ordered to close effective Monday, June 29, at 6 p.m. Get the story here.) 

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Mollie Kendrick

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