My Weekend In Five Pictures: May 9-10

May 11, 2020

Mollie Kendrick


As I continue to get settled into my new apartment and make it feel like "home," I had a lowkey weekend putting everything together and spending quality time spoiling my dog. 

Saturday morning, I hopped on a Zoom call with my family in Colorado, Ohio, Illinois, and Georgia. With us being all over the country (and unable to see each other due to social distancing), it was really nice to see my aunts, cousins, mom, and sister. I didn't get a screenshot of this call because I completely forgot, but that was probably the highlight of my weekend. 

My chihuahua, Jaq Jaq, is finally beginning to enjoy sunbathing in our new backyard. He's a little unsure of the dirt, but he found a large patch of sun that he could not resist! I like to believe he was also admiring the antique garden glass that I picked up from the Placer County Tortoise Rescue a couple weekends ago. 

Mollie Kendrick

Jaq Jaq also helped me pick out this area rug for our living room last week, which arrived on Friday. We put it down and played with positioning this weekend, and I think he approves! Having an area rug makes my space feel like home and it's also easier for my little boy to play inside. I have another area rug that I'm storing with family in Minnesota right now, but because of COVID-19, I may not get it until later this year or next year. Once I get it transported here to Sacramento, I'm going to put it in my bedroom. 

Mollie Kendrick

Like everyone else who's bored at home on their phones, I began lookig back at old photos from when I was a figure skater. I found this photo of my synchronized skating team after winning first place at the Pacific Coast Synchronized Skating Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah. I don't remember what year this was, but I was in elementary school. I was team captain that year! I'm in the middle in the back row...when I was still considered tall for my age. (I'm only 5'1" but developed early............................yay...)

Mollie Kendrick

I also went through old photos from the week I got my dog, Jaq Jaq. I was living in Orlando, Florida, for college when I felt so much stress of the world on my shoulders that I decided the only thing to keep me afloat was a puppy. It's been challenging but also rewarding having him in my life, and he's shown me that I'm worthy of love. It's fun to see how different he looked as a puppy versus the nine-year-old doggie he is now. Because he is brindle, his coat changed rapidly in the first two years of his life and it continues to change today. I've also changed, ditching the heavy eye makeup and gauged earlobes. 

Mollie Kendrick

Sunday night, I decided I wanted to sit outside on my patio even though I don't have any outdoor furniture. My plans were ruined by this adorable lizard, which I believe is an alligator lizard, perched on my sliding door. I have no idea how long he was sitting there looking in, but it was definitely a treat getting to see him there! I guess this is technically my weekend in seven pictures, but I figured I'd group these into one. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 3.50.41 PM.png
Mollie Kendrick

How did your weekend go? I hope you got to have some quality time with your family, even if it was through Zoom. Let's connect on Instagram if we haven't already. I'm @mollieonair