I Think Sheldon Is Pure Evil On Netflix's 'Hollywood'

May 8, 2020

Mollie Kendrick


If you haven't began watching the new Netflix series, Hollywood, you need to put this on your to-do list for the weekend. 

I'm usually pretty hesitant to watch new Netflix series, because not all of them are good. There's definitely something for everyone on Netflix, but some of their shows are just not my vibe. But after finally sitting through the trailer for Hollywood, I knew immediately that I was going to enjoy watching this series (and I was right). 

Here are five quick thoughts I had while binge watching Hollywood this week: 

  • Jim Parsons (a.k.a. Sheldon from Big Bang Theory) is PURE EVIL on this show. His character, Henry Wilson, is the ultimate villain who does not shy away from expressing what he's really looking for from his clients. His character is absolutely repulsive, but Jim Parsons portrays his character perfectly and really makes the show what it is. This is a huge departure from Big Bang Theory for him, and he nails it. 
  • The season is way too short. There are only seven episodes, and I really think they could have dragged it out to at least ten or twelve. 
  • As bad as this sounds, I wish there was more of an emphasis on the pimping/solicitation aspect of the story. It's a huge part of the series, but I wish they'd spent more time developing that as the background because I really think they could have created more storylines from it. 
  • The ending sets the series up for another season, which makes me very happy. 
  • David Corenswet, who plays Jack Castello, looks a lot like a guy I went on a few Tinder dates with. I won't get into that, but it's really bothering me. 

Also, I initially didn't know this but the show is loosely based on a true story. I recommend watching it without knowing anything about it beforehand, though. The show is very well-written, scandalous, and so brilliant. 

Happy binge watching!