Try These Five NorCal-Themed Cocktails At Home Now That Bars Are Closed In Sacramento Again

June 30, 2020

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With bars shut down again in Sacramento and other California counties, you'll have to enjoy cocktails at home. I recreated classic cocktails with NorCal names for you to try, along with their recipes! 

Hella Horchata

Horchata doesn't traditionally have alcohol in it, but plenty of enthusiasts have crafted liquored-up recipes for you to try. All Recipes has a rum-spiked horchata recipe involving classic ingredients like rice, cinnamon, and sweetened condensed milk. Get the full recipe here. Prep time for it is 4+ hours, so you might want to skip to one of these other cocktails while your rice soaks for the Hella Horchata. 

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Cowtown Creamsicle

Why be mad about the "cowtown" label when we can embrace it with a cocktail? Homemade Hooplah has a very simple recipe for the classic orange creamsicle cocktail, which includes vanilla vodka, orange soda, Reddi Wip, and sprinkles. Or like the photo below suggests, you can scoop vanilla ice cream in there! Get the full recipe here

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City of Tequilas

Just like there are many trees in Sacramento, there are many ways this cocktail can go (and it can really be anything you want it to be). I keep coming across people who have never heard of a Paloma, so I wanted to share this recipe by Bon Appetit with you. This grapefruit & lime tequila cocktail is refreshing and simple to make. Get the recipe here

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Salted Banana Slug

Maybe the NorCal name doesn't sound as delicious as "salted caramel banana mango daiquiri," but I think it's cute and clever. Like the Hella Horchata, the Salted Banana Slug will take a little bit of prep time. You'll need an over ripe banana, frozen mango chunks, white rum, and salted caramel syrup to create this sweet tropical drink. Get the full recipe from Champagne and Coconuts here

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Washed Up Mask

This is probably the weirdest one and requires some imagination, but hear me out. There's a blue Jellyfish Cocktail that looks like jellyfish in the water. I imagine someone's used mask that they recklessly threw in the river would look sort of like a jellyfish. (See the Instagram post below for an example.) To make the Washed Up Mask, all you'll need are vodka, blue curaçao, white sambuca, and cream. Get the full recipe from The Spruce Eats here

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