You can now get pickle pizza at this NorCal brewery

October 6, 2020

Jun/Getty Images


I've always wanted to try pickle pizza because it seems like a weird but delicious idea. Now, we can find pickle pizza at Five Window Beer Co. in Lodi. 

They posted this pickle pizza on their Instagram recently, which popped up in my feed. Five Window says there's a ranch dressing base with toppings like garlic, mozzarella cheese, ham, bacon, dill pickles, and butter pickles. They too were skeptical about it first, but they ended up loving the pizza and now offer their "Pickle Pie" at their brewery. 

Have you ever tried pickle pizza before, or would you ever try it?

Introducing our newest artisan pizza, The Pickle Pie!! Antoinette is at it again creating an odd but absolutely fabulous pizza creation! Ranch dressing base, garlic, mozzarella cheese, ham, bacon and both dill and bread and butter pickles! We were skeptical at first but it turns out, we absolutely love this pizza! Come by tonight and give it a try on our only BOGO day of the week! We have appropriately spaced indoor seating, cold beer and delicious pizza! See you tonight!!

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