A South Lake Tahoe Resident Has Tested Positive For Plague

August 18, 2020

Debbie Colombo/Getty Images


A resident of South Lake Tahoe, California has tested positive for the plague. 

According to CNN, health officials say the infected person may have been bitten by an infected flea while walking their dog. They are currently recovering at home with care from a medical professional. 

This is the first confirmed case of the plague in a human in California since 2015. The plague, which occurs naturally in the wild among rodents and their fleas, can cause symptoms of fever, nausea, weakness, and swollen lymph nodes. If caught early enough, antibiotics can be an effective treatment for the infectious disease. 

El Dorado County Public Health Officer Dr. Nancy Williams says, "It's important that individuals take precautions for themselves and their pets when outdoors, especially while walking, hiking an/or camping in areas where wild rodents are present." 

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