Sacramento, Placer, and other counties demoted to more restrictive COVID-19 tiers

November 10, 2020

Brandon Williams/Getty Images


Sacramento County and surrounding counties have been demoted tiers in COVID-19 reopening. 

According to the Sac Bee, Sacramento has moved back to the Purple Tier - California's most restrictive level. This means that hundreds of businesses and houses of worship will either have to stop service, go virtual, or move back outdoors. Public schools that planned to return to campus will have to hold off on those plans for now. 

Restaurants in Sacramento and other Purple Tier counties can no longer offer indoor dining. Retailers will also have to limit the number of customers allowed indoors at any given time. 

Placer and El Dorado counties moved from the Orange Tier to the Red Tier, which is more restrictive. Yolo County stayed in the Red Tier. 

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