My Thoughts On Netflix's 'Skin Decision' (No Spoilers)

July 17, 2020

RobertoDavid/Getty Images


Just when I thought Netflix couldn't get any better for me than dating shows like Dating Around and Love Is Blind, or gossip reality shows like Selling Sunset, they've officially check another box on my list of shows to watch with the new series, Skin Decision

It's a terrible name in my opinion, but a fantastic show. Skin Decision features a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and aesthetic specialist & injector who team up to transform the outward appearance of individuals who have heartwrenching stories. Without giving any spoilers at all, here are my quick thoughts: 

  • I'm not typically one to like sob stories AT ALL, but everyone in this show has a story that's relatable in some way, and I find myself choking up VERY frequently throughout the show. 
  • I love that the general Netflix population is getting to see a lot of the skin treatments that I've fallen in love with like microneedling, laser treatments, and dermal fillers. They educate the audience about what these treatments can do, and provide proven visual results so you can see that they really do work when done the right way. 
  • The results look very natural, and they stress that "natural" is their goal throughout the show. 
  • This is nothing like Botched. It's not tacky or sleazy. Most of the patients have never had anything done, and they're just going along for the ride (totally willingly, of course). 

Have you watched it yet? It JUST came to Netflix, so perhaps not. But check out the trailer below to get an idea of what you'll see on Skin Decision!