PPE Vending Machines Added At Sacramento International Airport

June 10, 2020

Sasha_Suzi/Getty Images


Passengers can now purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) from vending machines at Sacramento International Airport (SMF). 

According to a press release from Sacramento County, SMF set up PPE vending machines in both terminals for people traveling amid the pandemic to encourage precautions and increase safety for people traveling through SMF. This will also ease the anxiety I get being around people that still just don't understand how to stay home when they're sick. 

Passengers will be able to access the machines pre-security in Terminal A between Starbucks and the ticket counters, and in Terminal B at the west entrance near the Southwest Airlines ticket counter. A variety of masks will be available ranging from $8.25 to $14.50, as well as disposable gloves ($4.50), sanitizing wipes ($5.25), and hand sanitizer spray or gel ($4.25 to $6.50). 

While masks are not required to be worn in the terminals, most airlines have set policies in place requiring employees and passengers to wear masks on planes and in boarding areas. 

JUST WEAR A MASK, OK? K. And wash your hands.