Mom And Adult Daughter Reveal They Still Shower Together

May 20, 2020

Alina Rosanova via Getty Images


Season 2 of TLC's sMothered is set to premiere this weekend, and I'll forever be haunted by the promo that shows a mother-daughter pair that still showers together. 

I never watched the first season of this show, but I'm very creeped out by everything in this season 2 trailer. I absolutely love my mom, but we are nowhere near the point of showering together or smelling each other's baby teeth. Having a normal, healthy, not creepy relationship with my mom is something I'm very proud of. 

Essentially, the show is about moms and daughters that are incredibly close to the point where it's affecting (perhaps even hurting) other people in their lives. TLC's sMothered explores these complex relationships to open our eyes and maybe even feel better about our own situations. 

Watch the season 2 preview video below at your own risk. This looks like a really interesting show, but I'm definitely weirded out. 

Catch the premiere of sMothered Season 2 on Sunday, May 24, at 10 p.m. Pacific on TLC, and let's be weirded out by it together on Instagram! Find me @mollieonair