Four perfect gift boxes for men that already have everything

November 5, 2020

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Some men can be incredibly difficult to shop for. So, I've sifted through a list of subscription boxes geared towards men to find four that are perfect for guys who say they already have everyting. 

I've always felt like subscription boxes of any sort make the perfect holiday gifts for a couple reasons. First, they introduce people to new products that they've never heard of before or wouldn't have discovered otherwise. Also, if you commit to a subscription, it's a gift that keeps on giving well past the holidays. 

Here are four of the subscription boxes that I think are perfect for the difficult-to-shop-for men. 

Bespoke Post 

After taking a quiz and sharing your guy's likes and interests, Bespoke Post recommends a themed box for you. You can even preview what comes in the box so there are no surprises. And, if you don't like anything in the box for your guy, you can choose a different one. Each box costs $45, but they say the value is well over $70. 

My dad is really difficult to shop for, so I took the quiz with him in mind. Bespoke Post asks if you're interested in receiving items in various categories, including barware, home decor, style & clothing, cigars, kitchen & cooking, men's grooming, camping & outdoors, travel, and music/tech gear. You tell them if you're very interested, open to trying, or just flat-out not interested at all in each of these categories. 

Just a head's up, they do ask you for your billing information before they reveal your first box. I closed out of it because I wasn't ready to dive into that, but they also don't require a membership nor do they need you to commit whatsoever. Just something to keep in mind, though. 

Something else that I really like about Bespoke Post is that they've purchased over $24,500,000 worth of products from small businesses to help them out amid the COVID-19 crisis. 

This packable maple board creates a perfect surface for cutting and food prep on the go, and makes a handsome, utilitarian serving tray once the knife's put away. And if you've been watching Chopped as much as we have, you know that presentation is key.

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BREO BOX is the ultimate gift box for any man that has to be the first to try something. These quarterly boxes are definitely pricier, but they include 5-8 unique, name brand, high-end tech gear, home goods, and fitness & lifestyle gadgets. You'll probably even find something in this box that you'll want for yourself, because past boxes have included an Amazon Echo Dot and Instax Mini camera. They've also partnered with TRX, Corkcicle, and OXO, among other brands. 

Right now, the Winter 2020 edition is what your man will get in time for Christmas. If you're getting just one box, it will cost you $159. There are other buying options if you know this is something you'd like to give your man year-round. 

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Basic Man 

No man will ever have too many basics in his closet, and Basic Man is the perfect box to give him a refresh on items he'll for sure use. This monthly subscription delivers high quality basics to his home every month for $19.99/month. Boxes include a matching shirt, pair of underwear, and super-soft socks all made from natural, sustainable fabrics. It's easy to get just one (or a few) boxes, because you can cancel the subscription at any time. 

And yes, they have a women's subscription, too! 

Whether you are working out or hanging out, our comfort stretch t-shirts are here to cool you off, with easy breathable fabric that forms to your body. #InMyBasics

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After the *interesting* year we've had, I feel like evem more people are embracing having an end-of-the-world plan. This includes having the tools necessary to survive an apocalypse. BattleBox delivers survival and tactical gear to your man each month. There are multiple plans to choose from, but the cheapest gift subscription is their Basic plan at $179.94 for six months, or $359.88 for 12 months. The Basic plan will send out items like manuals, emergency supplies, outdoor gear, and survival tools. 

If you have more to spend or you know your man will appreciate more advanced survival gear, Advanced and Pro plans include higher value items like hiking essentials, camp equipment, watches, tents, and more. There's even a Pro Plus plan that includes everything in the below levels, and then some. To give you an idea on pricing for the other levels, the Pro Plus 12 month plan costs $1,919.88. (This is the most expensive BattleBox gift plan.) 

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