Sugar Daddy Propositions Mollie Kendrick On Instagram: See The Conversation

September 15, 2020
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Mollie Kendrick


People are living for a comment that a spam account posted on my Instagram photo of me wearing a vintage 49ers sweatshirt. I responded in hopes that it would maybe lead to something monetary (but I know it won't)! Haha. 

If you're a young person on Instagram, you've likely had spam accounts reach out to you or comment on your photos posing as sugar daddies trying to give you money or make some sort of "arrangement." One of those accounts commented on the photo below, "I'm in need of an honest sugar baby whom I'm gonna spoil with allowance USA and Canada only DM if interested." 

I felt like I had to respond. Actually, I wanted to respond...Mostly because I know it's fake and I'm bored. 

Dive into the comments on the post below to see what I said, along with other people's reactions to it. Conversation developing...we'll see if the spam account ever responds. And hit follow while you're at it so you don't miss out on more bizarre comments! 

Am I wearing pants this time? Not pictured, but yes. This is my season to go shopping while everyone’s at home watching football. I love it. I don’t sport, but I support. -- #goniners #ninersfaithful lol #itsvintage #sanfrancisco49ers #idontsport #itsfallyall

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