These Tacky & Outdated Stock Photos Don't Know What Year It Is

July 15, 2020

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I'm very fortunate to have access to a whole library of stock photos at my workplace. From time to time, I come across some very tacky photos that are actually pretty hilarious. 

I also realized that many of these photos have absolutely no idea that we're going through a crisis right now, or what year it even is. These are just some of the ones I found. 

1. iPods and headphone jacks....are you kidding me? What are those? Lol. 


AntonioGuillem/Getty Images

2. Glass blocks...I've never seen anyone this serious about glass blocks before - not even in the 90s. Also, those gentlemen need to be wearing masks and stand six feet apart from each other. 

DragonImages/Getty Images

3. Literally everything about this photo. 

twmedia/Getty Images

4. Concerts? Crowds? What are those? And why is this image mirrored? That's not as artistic as they thought it would be...

Cesare Ferrari/Getty Images

5. Kissing in the rain, and kissing in general. First of all, I have never met a guy that will actually kiss me in the rain so what the hell? Also, kissing is kinda sacary right now with COVID. Unfortunately. These lovebirds better get tested. 

GettyImages-200398450-001 (1).jpg
Michael Blann/Getty Images

6. Dates and times? What year does this photo think it is, 2019? Lol loser.  

STILLFX/Getty Images

7. Movie theaters and touching people...what? 

demaerre/Getty Images

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