Watch This Karen With A Tape Measure Have A Complete MELTDOWN At The Beach: Video

July 21, 2020

LRArmstrong/Getty Images


Perez Hilton has been sharing videos of "Karens" on Instagram to put a face to the name amid the coronavirus, and this particular video definitely got my attention. I have never seen anything like what's in this video before. Like, I am genuinely shocked. 

In the video below, you'll see the woman holding a tape measure and being restrained and carried away by other people in her group as she berates another beachgoer whom she felt was sitting too close. You can see in the video that it looks like there's way more than 6 feet of distance between the parties. 

Most of what she's screaming is inaudible, but you can hear her towards the end saying (amid high pitched screaming), "Get out of here" and "It's people like you that are ruining it for all of us." 

It's not clear where this took place or how it escalated to this point. 

This Karen took a measuring tape to the beach and had a fit - a literal fit - when a woman got too close. Uhmm... she could have just moved to a different area herself instead of having this ridiculous meltdown!!

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