This Tortoise Rescue Is Sacramento's Hidden Gem

May 5, 2020

After weeks of not doing anything productive with my weekends, I decided to finally venture out and get some fresh air. In the process, I got to pet a tortoise!  

Someone tipped me off about the Placer County Tortoise Rescue near Auburn, which has a Facebook Group by the same name which I am now a part of. Until I moved to California, I had no idea that owning a tortoise in your backyard was even a thing, but I think it's so cool! Of course because I love animals, I'm intrigued by this idea but want to learn more about tortoises first before I ever prepare for such a big responsibility. (Tortoises have a LONG lifespan.) 

The rescue was open this past weekend for a fundraiser, so I decided this is the perfect opportunity for me to get some fresh air, see these beautiful creatures up close, and help them out (while practicing safe physical distancing). 

This is the perfect activity for anyone who loves animals and is curious about tortoises. I'd highly recommend families take their kids here because Melyssa, the gal who runs the rescue, is so knowledgable and passionate about these animals and makes it a fun, educational experience for everyone. Bring apples and romaine for the turtles, some water and light snacks for yourself, and bring your bike along so you can ride the Wine Trail while you're in the Auburn area. 

Below are just some of the photos of the tortoises I met. If you're interested in visiting the rescue, you should join the Facebook Group, "Placer County Tortoise Rescue," like I did so that you can get updates on hours, location, etc.

Mollie Kendrick

Mollie Kendrick

Mollie Kendrick




As for the fundraiser, the rescue is currently selling chunks of antique glass mined from the land of an old glass factory. I picked one up for my yard and it's beautiful! 

Mollie Kendrick