This TikTok Dad Got DESTROYED Over How He Makes A Sandwich

July 22, 2020

alpaksoy/Getty Images


A dad got detroyed by TikTok users because of the way he made a sandwich. 

The American dad-of-three Beau Coffron (a.k.a. Lunchbox Dad) decided to make a "fairy bread sandwich" (via the Daily Mail), which is his own rendition of the traditionally Australian treat. Instead of using dairy butter on the bread, he used peanut butter....and Aussies went WILD on this guy. 

Thousands of comments on the video came from enraged individuals from down under, one even calling it "a war crime." 

Aside from the fact that he used the wrong butter, apparently the sprinkles were wrong, too. True fairy bread apparently has the long sprinkles (not the circle sprinkles), because the circles get soggy. Also, fairy bread comes in single slices...not a fun and creative sandwich like the one he had made. 

Look, I totally get it and I guess that criticizing people over the internet is just something that happens. But really? His version is SO creative and I can't imagine ANY child that lives in the United States loving dairy butter and sprinkles. Like seriously, no. We love our peanut butter here. (I'm allergic though, so I'll respectfully pass.) 

What do you think? Do you have strong opinions about fairy bread? Because I sure don't. 

Read more from the Daily Mail and watch the video here