TikTok Star Has A MELTDOWN After Claire's Employee Allegedly Pierces Her Mask: Video

July 1, 2020

Richard B. Levine via Imagn


TikTok star Sissy Sheridan is the latest example of "just because you can, doesn't mean you should." 

The 16-year-old TikToker, who also hosts Nickelodeon's web series DIY With Me (via PEOPLE), posted a video (below) sobbing to her fans and explaining how a Claire's employee allegedly pierced her ear through her face mask. 

I mean, at least she was wearing a mask. But WOW...she must have had multiple things going on in her life that day to make her melt down like that. 

A Claire's representative provided PEOPLE with a statement in which they say they're "investigating this incident and are taking appropriate corrective action," and will be giving Sissy Sheridan a refund for the piercing. 

Sissy said she was able to remove the mask without taking out her piercing, but that "there's still a piece of the mask string" left in her ear. 

Again, at least she was wearing a mask, but I don't know who I should be more mad at...like, was this an arranged stunt? (I'm just asking, not assuming or saying that's the case.) Did the Claire's employee ACTUALLY do this?? I don't know, but if I was in this situation, I would have just taken the piercing out to remove the mask instead of freaking out over it for a TikTok video. Priorities, right?