“COVID Toe” Sounds Like A Joke But It May Not Be

May 12, 2020

fizkes via Getty Images


It seems like COVID-19 already has some bizarre symptoms already, and while a lot is still unknown about the virus, a new possible symptom referred to as "COVID toe" may actually be a legitimate thing. 

Multiple news sites are reporting red or purple legions on toes being the latest possible sign of coronavirus infection. 

Dr. Lindy Fox, a dermatologist in San Francisco, told the New York Times that she typically only has four or five patients a year come in with foot legions called "shilblains," which occur when tissue is exposed to cold temperatures and humidity during winter. However, she says she's seen dozens of patients with this condition in a matter of weeks. 

It's important to note that federal health officials have not come out and said that "COVID toe" is a confirmed coronavirus symptom. However, having medical professionals report an increase in cases like this in recent weeks definitely raises eyebrows given the current state that our lives are in. 

I've been fortunate not to contract coronavirus, but if I did get it, I think I'd lose my mind if this affected my feet in some way. I feel like no one would ever want to give me a pedicure ever again just knowing what happened to my feet. Quite honestly, I myself would never want to touch my feet again. Okay, that may be a bit dramatic...but the idea of COVID toe really freaks me out. 

I hope you're staying safe and healthy out there! I know it's easy to want to rush this reopening process, but if we just hunker down a little bit longer and have patience, we're going to be much better off in the future. 

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