Will Sacramento Victoria's Secret Stores Close Permanently?

May 21, 2020



Victoria's Secret's parent company announced the brand will be permanently shutting down 250 of its locations. 

As of right now, the company has not released a list of locations it will close. This leaves all of us here in Sacramento wondering if any of our locations will reopen...or go away for good. 

L Brands Chief Financial Officer Stuart Burgdoerfer said in an earnings call via CNN that this "very significant decision" had to be made in order to "strengthen" the Victoria's Secret brand. The company warns that additional closures could happen over the next few years. 

First of all, I'm saddened by this news in general. I'm sad that small businesses are affected, and I'm also sad that ANY businesses are affected in this way (even major brands like Victoria's Secret) because it means that individuals are losing local jobs that they'll never get back. I really hope that Sacramento stores are not affected by these closures. 

But here's my question for you: Are you going to want to shop at a clothing store like Victoria's Secret after the pandemic? Will you want to try on bras in the fitting rooms that are shared by strangers daily? I know cleaning protocols will be in place, but will you feel comfortable moving forward with going back to the way the retail experience was before? 

I personally prefer to try on items like bras, because my size constantly fluctuates with my weight. I want to make sure something fits before I fork over my money and have to deal with returns. This pandemic has had to force me to be open and adapt to online shopping, which is a good thing for everyone's health. But I really do miss having the ability to try on clothes and immerse myself in the retail experience. 

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