Cleaning Hack Shows Worms And Bugs Crawling Out Of Fresh Strawberries

May 21, 2020

Igor Ploskin via Getty Images


There's a new fruit cleaning trend going around on TikTok that's making people never want to eat strawberries again, or at least regret not cleaning their strawberries in the first place. 

The Daily Mail shared a TikTok video by user @31toni who soaked her strawberries in salt water for 30 minutes, only to notice bugs and worms were crawling out of them. While they are small, these bugs are definitely noticeable. 

Considering I only rinse my fruit with tap water, I'm disgusted by my actions after watching the video. I'd like to go back to being in denial about bugs in my fruit, thanks. 

To view the TikTok video, click HERE. Heads up, she's got some *colorful* language. 

On this topic, I did a quick search on how to clean your fruits and vegetables. Here's an article about removing pesticide residue from your produce, which involves vinegar, via NDTV Food.